Q: My cabinets just arrived...now what?  A: Once your cabinets have been delivered, the installation of the cabinetry will begin.  An installation packet is provided to the installers with all of the pertinent information pertaining to your project and the details have been gone over with them by the Project Manager.

The base cabinets are typically the first to be set, with the tall and wall cabinets to follow.  Once the base cabinets are installed, countertop template can take place – usually a day or two after the beginning of installation.  Our installers will continue with the cabinet installation and go as far as they can until the countertops are installed.  If there is a cabinet that is going down to the countertops, or any beadboard or paneling on backsplash areas, these pieces cannot be installed until the countertops are in place.

Q: How long does it take for my countertops to be delivered?  A: Countertops should typically take 2 weeks after templating to be delivered. Usually during the time between template and countertop installation there is not much activity with the cabinet installation. During this time, if there are any items that need to be addressed or modified, they will be taken care of at the shop so that they are completed for the return installation trip. The installers will make the Project Manager/Field Supervisor aware of what is happening (or any items needed) with daily updates.

Q: I still have some questions about the cabinetry.  A: Once the countertops have been installed and the main cabinetry installation completed, the Project Manager/Field Supervisor will set-up a time to do a walk-thru with you of your project.  During the walk-thru, any outstanding issues will be noted and a Punch List will be given to the shop.  Our installers will then make a final return trip for the completion of your project and, at this time, the final installation payment will be due.

During the time between our initial and return installation trips, you may notice some things that you will question. For example:  rubbing doors or minor finishing touches, etc.  Please know that this will be taken care of.

Q: How do I clean and care for my new cabinets?  A: Your Village cabinetry is finished with durable industrial conversion varnish, ensuring years of lasting beauty for you to enjoy. We are proud of the fine cabinetry that we create and we want to help you maintain its beauty, richness, and elegance. Our finishes are easy to maintain and they all have a high degree of resistance to normal household products.

Remove spills immediately and avoid lengthy exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity or dry environments.

For everyday cleaning, use a clean, slightly damp cloth and then immediately, wipe the surface dry. For a more thorough cleaning, a very mild detergent such as Murphy’s Oil Soap may be used. Always wipe the area dry with a soft cloth. Harsh detergents, ammonia solutions, and cleaners with abrasives should never be used on fine cabinetry.

To maintain the original luster of fine woodwork, use a quality furniture polish, such as Pledge or Guardsman, several times per year. Choose your cleaners carefully. Do not use any polishes that contain silicon or high concentrations of waxes that will buildup and change the color of your finish. Following these suggestions will help to keep your Village Handcrafted Cabinetry beautiful for years to come.

Q: When should I have my appliances delivered?  A: 1-2 days after initial install. Appliance panels will not be installed until appliances are installed and connected and hardware is on site.

Q: Is VHC a general contractor?  A: No. VHC does not do any of the demo, removal of existing cabinetry, lighting, appliance install, electrical or plumbing.  We have preferred contractors that we can recommend if you do not have contractor.

Q: Does my cabinetry come with decorative hardware?  A: No and it is not included in the price of the cabinetry. Due to multiple styles & pricing we allow you to purchase separately. You are not obligated to buy through VHC, however we do have several lines available to purchase.

Q: Does VHC install decorative hardware?  A: Yes. VHC will install decorative hardware if it is on site during the install. If requested after the install, it will be billed at an hourly rate. Client needs to be present to review hardware placement.