We have been providing top quality custom cabinetry and architectural woodworking for the design and remodeling communities since 2003. We pride ourselves on the successful relationships we have built which are based on reliability and craftsmanship.

At Village Handcrafted Cabinetry, we believe that design professionals should not have to waste their valuable time agonizing over the details of custom cabinetry and built-ins. Once you've shown us the basic concept and "look" that you want, we will be pleased to refine a design presentation for your client so you can concentrate on creating the whole environment.  

We specialize in the use of exotic woods and have one of the best finishing departments in the area. From unique pieces of furniture to large built-ins, we can help you create that special project  that shows off your talent for design.

Just call our office to arrange an appointment at our design center or at the job site. If you already have a drawing, we can give you a prompt quote. We can suggest appropriate choices for wood species, ornamental details and finishing options. Once the general concept is approved, we will generate a realistic quote. When the quote is approved, we will produce accurate scale shop drawings for sign off by you or your client.